QuadroClad™ Metal Façade Panels / Hunter Douglas Contract

Paul Larkin

This month, we would like to introduce you the QuadroClad™ Metal Façade Panels, a great product from Hunter Douglas Contract.

QuadroClad™ Aluminum panels feature flat or curved planes for a smooth, uniform appearance. Durable aluminum panels are available in either anodized or painted finishes and a wide range of colors. Installation is executed on the same substructure as glass and resin panels, allowing all panels to be used in combination.

Panels constructed with fabrication technology used in the aerospace industry to create lightweight, extremely strong panels. Each panel sandwiches a stable metal honeycomb between two skins of smooth, coil-coated aluminum. Layers are bonded together with high-quality adhesives to form a monolithic mechanical construction.

The result: Optimal quality control. Maximum flexibility. The ability to withstand the most severe environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits at a Glance

- Open-joint rainscreen façade systems control rain penetration, maintain ventilation, and provide thermal insulation. - Honeycomb construction enables exceptionally large, flat modules up to 1500 mm (4.9 ft) wide and 4500 mm (14.8 ft) long. - Metal panels fully integrate with QuadroClad glass and resin panels on the same plane. - Ideal for both new construction and over-cladding projects. Full CAD and project management support available.

1. Ventilation 2. Drainage Channel 3. QuadroClad Pannel 4. Cavity 5. Thermal Insulation 6. Loadbearing Wall


External Skin: Aluminum coil-coated with Luxacote® or PVF2 finish (0.95 mm/~0.037 in). Other base metals and finishes available. Internal Skin: Aluminum coil-coated with protective finish (0.5 mm/~0.02 in). Core Structure: Aluminum honeycomb core. Edge Extrusion: Extruded aluminum, mitered and crimped to seal each panel,with integrated fixing detail for easy attachment to support structures. Wall Bracket: Available for insulation thicknesses of 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm (4 in, 6 in, 8 in). Slotted holes allow for adjustment of +/- 25 mm (+/- 1 in) in depth and +/- 10 mm (+/-0.375 in.)in horizontal plane. Support Rail: Extruded aluminum profile for maximum rigidity where required. Rails also serve as vertical drainage channel. Standard length 7,200 mm (283.5 in). Fixing Plates: Fully adjustable in vertical directions, with integrated anti-vibration gaskets. Panel Sizes: Complete range of sizes up to 1,500 mm x 4,500 mm (59 in x 117 in). Windows: Twin-color powder-coated or anodized aluminum profiles. Windows are thermally improved and incorporate a range of mullions and transoms.

Panel Composition

1. Pre-coated and roll formed aluminum external skin 2. Adhesive file 3. Aluminum extrusion 4. Aluminum honeycomb 5. Pre-coated aluminum internal skin

Technical Drawings

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