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Why Aluminum Honeycomb Core?
Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Aluminum honeycomb offers tremendous weight savings while providing outstanding structural properties.

Aluminum honeycomb is highly desired for lightweight applications that require flexural strength, structural backup, and impact resistance. It is available in a large range of configurations, which provide versatility for your specific needs.

Do you have a structural and lightweight application in mind?

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Why Relcore?
Made in the USA

In 2015, the founders of RelCore purchased the production line from one of the largest panel manufacturers in the U.S.

As a US manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb core, we have aligned ourselves with local industry-leading suppliers that provide domestically produced raw material used in our manufacturing process.

Green Approach

We start with coils of super-cleaned aluminum foil and apply a water-based primer for corrosion resistance. Water-based adhesive lines are applied to the foil becoming the bond node that creates the familiar honeycomb cell shapes.

Unlike many suppliers of our size, we are not emitting over 100 tons of hazardous VOC contaminants into the environment annually. No solvents used here!

Supply Partner

We are all about partnership.

Our material is typically used as a sub-component to a finish system.

RelCore is not in the business of making finish systems and as your supply partner, we align our manufacturing with your goals instead of competing against you in your markets.